The End of Love

Step into a journey through the seasons of love and modernity; eroticism, beauty and morality. This is a story as timeless as the seasons and starting where they began; the struggles of a woman, the death of the spirit of a man and a certain truth seated deep in the silent conscience of the world. From the desert of Mexico through the American Midwest, across the Atlantic to Spain, to Morocco and unto Syria, a story is told of the seasons of love and pleasure and the wedge that falls in between. Written with poetic monologues, Javier leaves his home in Mexico and accompanies a salesman; Hassan, to Halifax; Canada. When he returned home he found there was no place for him where he was born. He returned to New York and took a ship to England and then to Spain. There he joined his old friend Hassan across the Iberian Peninsula, over the Strait of Gibraltar and onward across the Sahara and to Palmyra; Syria. In Spain, Javier met an exotic dancer; Alimah from the land of Andalucía. She travelled with Javier to Syria and back. As the poetic monologues continue in the time and lives of the people around Javier and Alimah, love bloomed. And as love’s seasons took its course, each person affecting them along their odyssey began to question the very essence of their own lives, the pursuit of wealth, power and pleasure and ultimately, marriage and the endurance of desire.

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