The Blue Mayreau Project

An adventure into mindfulness about the world

The Blue Mayreau Project is an adventure intended towards trying to capture our human endeavors unmasked. The project relies on the publication of literary works and photography. It is a vocation of mindfulness; an expressive vocation, concerning what we observe in life and situations around us. Fantasy is only a metaphor to stir the mind. Here an attempt is made to see reality from a different perspective and in a drastically changed world. In such a world reality is not grim or elating. If we confront ourselves things are the way they simply are and depending on our perspective rather intriguing and at times, euphorically beautiful. Hope is found in ourselves and not in anything or anyone around us. We do not wish to be a judge of the world even while we act on judgments to preserve our own existence. We may even find things to be funny.

There is no deadline for the completion of this project neither is the scope defined. It will take the rest of our lives to complete what we want to express since such is the effort needed to perfect anything. We strive for an open mind and to not be afraid to listen to ourselves. We try not be in a hurry since we may miss out on enjoying the past or the present. In the case of the future that we do know for sure but when it comes we can be assured that life continues — with no deadlines and with the scope undefined.